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The llama is the largest of the South American Camelids, weighing anything up to 400lbs (180kg) and standing approximately 4 ft (1.25m) at the shoulder. Llamas are strong, intelligent, hardy animals with a gentle temperament and inquisitive nature. These elegant animals, with their distinctive "banana" shaped ears, are found in a variety of colours from solid white to black and with varying shades and mixes of brown and grey. The llama has a double coat, an outer coat of coarse ‘guard hair’ and an undercoat of soft fine down, much sought after by hand spinners. The fibre is used for making many kinds of garments, guard hairs can be used for making wall-hangings, rugs etc. Llamas are gentle by nature and have an elegant, exotic quality. They are fascinating to watch and offer considerable visual pleasure whether grazing in open park land or in a paddock.

They quickly learn to wear a halter and to be led. Llamas can be taught to pull a cart. They will happily carry a pack, offering the long distance walker or the picnicking family both a fun companion and a willing helper!