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        Huacaya                               Suri
photo copyright: Bozedown Alpacas

Smaller than the llama, alpacas stand about 3ft (0.92m) at the shoulder and weigh, on average, 150lb (68kg). They produce a superb, heavy fleece of fine, strong fibre which will grow down to the ground if not clipped. Their fleece also grows thickly on their legs and faces, giving them an extremely attractive appearance. They are gentle by nature, they are easily managed and trained. Like llamas, alpacas are found in a variety of colours, from solid white to black and with varying shades and mixes of brown and grey.

Being smaller than llamas, alpacas are easy to handle and make delightful companions.

Alpacas' luxurious fibre makes wonderfully soft and warm garments and is particularly appreciated by hand-knitters. An annual shearing will produce between 1-6lb (0.8kg-2.8 kg) of very fine fibre.